Hi, I'm Gijs Bellaard. I was born and raised in Geertruidenberg, a little city in The Netherlands. I'm 24 years old and currently doing a PhD at the Eindhoven University of Technology under the supervision of Remco Duits in the Geometric Learning and Differential Geometry group of the Centre for Analysis, Scientific Computing and Applications cluster. My interests lie in numerical analysis, differential geometry, combinatorics, simulations, and computer graphics.


Some articles I've written that try to (and/or) illuminate, summarize, formalize, simplify, subjects I've come across. Some of them are purely for the fun of it.


Here I share pieces of code/maths that can be of use. Currently it consists of mostly distance functions for some fractals and some finite differences. I have put them on my site because I find these to be hard to find in their most basic form.


Check out all my shaders on Shadertoy


Bachelor Final Project

My bachelor final project is about neighbour-swap graphs. Tom Verhoeff was my supervisor during this project. A Dutch introduction to this topic can be read in the so-called "A4-populair", which is meant for high schoolers in the Netherlands.

My friend Sander Spoelstra's bachelor final project is about the Union-Closed conjecture which I am also interested in. I followed the writing of his paper closely and he allowed me to share it here.

Master Thesis

My master thesis is about the simulation of viscoplastic materials using smoothed particle hydrodynamics. This thesis was done under the supervision of Bas van der Linden at Sioux Mathware.


I create renders of fractals using my Raymarcher IDE. You can check them out in the gallery. In the meantime, enjoy this random picture from the gallery: